Ketamine for Treatment of Mood Disorders


Ketamine was discovered in 1962 and FDA approved as an anesthetic in 1970. Studies in the early 2000s found it to be a rapid-acting antidepressant.


Ketamine has shown immense promise in those who didn’t see results using traditional medical treatments for depression.


Conditions which can benefit:

–  Depression

–  OCD


–  Anxiety

How Ketamine is Different from Traditional Treatments


–  Ketamine does not need to be taken daily. Patients can experience long-lasting, positive effects when taken in low doses over a brief period of time.

–  It works within hours, as opposed to weeks.

–  The side effects associated with ketamine are minimal and safer in comparison to those associated with traditional treatments.

Why Might Ketamine Infusion Therapy Work for Me?


Exhausting your treatment options can be exhausting within itself. Ketamine has been proven to be successful for those who have tried multiple antidepressants. This alternative treatment has novel ways of providing mental and physical relief.


Ketamine infusion therapy is safe when administered by a physician and can not only help you feel better sooner but help you feel better longer.


If you’ve experienced debilitating mood for months or even years to no avail, ketamine can make you feel like yourself again.


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