NAD+ Infusions

Life as we know it cannot exist without NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)NAD+ is a coenzyme central to cell metabolism. NAD+ is found in the mitochondria, the energy production center of the cell, where it helps create the main fuel source used by cells, or ATP.


As we age, our NAD+ levels dramatically decline. This impairs a cell’s ability to make energy, which in turn, has been linked to aging and disease.


Taking NAD+ supplements can help activate anti-aging Sirtuin genes. Unfortunately, NAD+ is not effective in oral supplement form since it is broken down before reaching your cells.


NAD+ infusions through an IV, on the other hand, guarantee delivery to cells and can help restore cellular NAD levels. An NAD+ drip enables the molecules to properly bind to other enzymes throughout your body and create the desired molecular reactions.


As animal research suggests, NAD+ therapy:

– Increases energy and metabolism by delivering more energy to your cells on a molecular level

– Protects against age-related cellular damage by promoting cell regeneration

– Improves cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological and cognitive health because it protects brain cells from damage


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