What Ketamine Therapy Can Do for You

When you visit our ketamine clinic for depression, our doctors will begin a plan of six one-hour infusions administered two or three times a week for two to three weeks. This may be followed by maintenance therapy appointments, which will be determined by your doctor.

The use of ketamine for depression has proven to be effective due to the effect it has on the neurotransmitter glutamate. During periods of prolonged stress and anxiety, the brain’s ability to receive this neurochemical can be reduced, causing toxic levels to build and harm synapses that regulate mood. Ketamine can halt and even reverse this damage. Many patients report feeling “lighter” and “less stressed” following treatment, with these feelings lasting for days or even weeks. If you’re wondering, “Is ketamine a depressant?” you don’t need to worry. It is classified as an anesthetic when used in higher doses.



How Ketamine Differs From Other Treatments

Receiving an IV ketamine infusion for depression starts to work within hours, not weeks as with other treatment options. The side effects are minimal and safer in comparison, as well. Perhaps most importantly, it does not need to be administered daily. Low doses given under a doctor’s supervision can deliver long-lasting positive effects.

To learn more about the expanded science of ketamine, click on the link provided. Then reach out and contact us to find out how we can help you or a loved one live a healthier life free from many of the negative effects of depression. To understand more about the cost of these therapies, click on the link.