How Ketamine for OCD Can Help

Ketamine therapy for OCD has been found to be helpful for many patients who have sought help through traditional means but had limited success. Although not recommended as a first option, a ketamine infusion for OCD can be helpful because of how it affects the brain’s chemistry.

When administered under the supervision of our licensed and certified medical professionals, ketamine treatment for OCD can offer fast-acting help, reducing the number of intrusive thoughts a patient experienced throughout the day. Because it is delivered through infusion therapy, it starts working within hours, rather than days or weeks. It also does not need to be taken daily, meaning long-lasting, positive effects can be seen with only a few appointments.

What You Can Expect

When you or someone you love visits our OCD treatment center in Northbrook, our doctors will work to determine whether ketamine is the right choice. We also help develop a plan for how often treatment will be administered.

If you have questions about our services, reach out and talk to us today. Follow these links for more details about the cost of treatment as well as the expanded science of ketamine.

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