Ketamine Therapy Cost

Initial Treatment starts with a total of six, one-hour infusions given 2-3 times per week for 2-3 weeks. 


Maintenance therapy consists of a one-hour treatment given approximately every 4 weeks. This interval may vary depending on the length of response to initial therapy. Your total ketamine infusion therapy cost depends on the method preferred and the frequency. Read on to learn more about our ketamine infusion costs in Chicago.


IV Ketamine (intravenous)

Pre-Pay Initial 6 Infusions at $399 per IV infusion

Single Infusion Price: $475 per IV infusion

Maintenance therapy price: $350 per infusion (upon completion of initial 6 infusions)

Why choose IV therapy?

IM Ketamine (Intramuscular)

Price: $299 per treatment

Why choose IM therapy?

Intranasal Ketamine (Nasal Spray)

Price: $250 per treatment

Why choose Intranasal therapy?


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Keeping your Treatment Affordable

We believe every eligible candidate should have access to this treatment, even if they cannot afford the full cost of ketamine therapy out-of-pocket. We’ve made it possible to do so through a variety of payment options: self-pay and patient financing through the Advance Care Card.

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