Solutions with MD Infusions

Our experienced team of doctors and nurses offer the following treatments in a safe and nurturing environment.

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Restore your quality of life

We are uniquely qualified to provide this service because our physicians have years of experience with ketamine therapy and mental health problems.

You will have physician monitoring at all times while receiving your treatment in your comfortable and private room.

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Steps toward living the life you’ve always wanted

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about the benefits of ketamine or NAD+.

Meet with our physician for an exam to determine if you’re an eligible candidate.

Begin your treatment the same day or schedule your treatment for a later date.

Start feeling better!

Keeping your Treatment Affordable

We believe every eligible candidate should have access to this treatment. We’ve made it possible to do so through a variety of payment options: self-pay and patient financing through the Advance Care Card.

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We provide concierge service to get you feeling better.

Our concierge service includes access to your physician, convenience of scheduling, and collaboration with your team, all delivered by experienced nurses and doctors.


You can speak to a physician at any time, whether it be before, during or after your appointment. Call our number and you can talk to a doctor.


No complicated answering services or long wait times. Make your appointment the same day, or when it works for your schedule.


We work with your primary care doctor, therapist, or psychiatrist to optimize your results. If you need a referral we will personally assist with that process.


All of our physicians have over 15 years experience with ketamine and mental health issues. All infusions are monitored by a physician.