Ketamine for Treatment of Chronic Pain

Ketamine has long been used alone and in conjunction with other medications when treating pain. Ketamine infusions have been shown to benefit patients with a variety of chronic pain conditions, which fail to adequately respond to traditional modalities of treatment.


Conditions which can benefit: 

–  CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome)

–  Chronic migraine

–  Fibromyalgia

–  Cancer pain

–  Neuropathic pain


Treatment starts with a total of three, three-hour infusions given every other day.


Maintenance therapy consists of a three-hour treatment given approximately every 4 weeks. This interval may vary depending on length of response to initial therapy.



Financing available

We believe every eligible candidate should have access to this treatment. We've made it possible to do so through a variety of payment options: self-pay, partial insurance coverage and patient financing through the Advance Care Card.